Casual Net Worth Update – January 2018

Casual Net Worth Update – January 2018 ($663,133.44)

Casual Net Worth Update - January 2018The first month of 2018 just flew by, and it’s time for another net worth update.

January was all about good vibes for me — spending quality time with friends, re-embracing my passion for reading, and relaxing during a staycation in Niagara Falls.

In other news, there is a worrisome water stain on our ceiling that we thought we took care of earlier this month. Unfortunately, whatever the source of the problem is, it isn’t what we fixed, because the stain has gotten worse since then. We’ll definitely need to bring in another plumber to take a look at it, and possibly open up the ceiling to fix whichever pipe that is the culprit. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Now, onto our net worth update for January!

I have explained our assets and liabilities in greater details in another post, which you can check out here.

Bear in mind that my husband and I combine our finances, so these figures below reflect our household net worth.


Primary Residence: +0%

Cash Savings: +0.01%

RRSP: +4.33%

TFSA: +0.51%

Cryptocurrency: -11.11%

Life Insurance Cash Value: +0%

Other Assets: +0%

Total Assets: $1,224,184.75 (+0.09%)


Credit Cards: -77.07%

Mortgage: -0.15%

Car Lease: -4.01%

Student Loans: -1.27%

Total Liabilities: $561,051.31 (-0.59%)

Net Worth: $663,133.44 (+0.68%)

A few things to note:

  • We have paid off a big chunk of our credit card debt (that was incurred because of car insurance).
  • Cryptocurrency prices are in a freefall, and it definitely showed in my portfolio.
  • We have found ourselves a new tax accountant, made a deposit, and kickstarted the process of filing our taxes for 2017.

Are we on track to meet our 2018 net worth goal of $750,000?

I would like to think so, but we need to increase our net worth at a faster rate than 0.68% per month in order to achieve that.

Readers, how was your January? Feel free to share your money stories in the comments section below.

You can read all of my net worth updates here.

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