Work With Me

Hi, I’m Flora and the blogger behind Casual Money Talk, a personal finance blog dedicated to financial freedom and the wonderful journey getting there.

I’m a firm believer that, with the right tools and mindset, anyone can achieve financial freedom, even those with a late start. I created this blog to share our journey towards financial independence, and to show that it isn’t too late to start taking your finances seriously in your 30s.

I’m open to working with brands that share my vision and values, and offer products and services that would greatly benefit CMT’s readers.

Here are some of the ways we can partner together:

Brand Partnerships:

Share your brand messages authentically with an engaged audience, whether it’s through sponsored posts, giveaways, social media promotion, or any other promotional idea you have.

Email me and let’s touch base!

Digital Marketing:

When I’m not writing about personal finance, I’m a full-stack digital marketer with 5+ years of experience.

To learn more about my services, qualifications, past experiences and references, please visit

Freelance Writing:

I specialize in producing long-form content that is incredibly informative, compelling, and bookmark-worthy.

If that sounds like what you need, get in touch with me today!